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Rituals For Life

Rituals For Life

November 24, 2021

It's time to put on your big girl panties and live your life to the fullest!

If you need a little encouragement, this episode may help.

Ambers guest on this episode is Theresa Tirk, The Ritual Queen. Theresa is a Published Author, Speaker, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki II Energy Worker, and Certified Aromatherapist. She is also a mom, wife, and recovering people-pleaser who is dedicated to helping women everywhere awaken to their own validation and strength so they can learn to prioritize their own care, to love themselves and their life.

Theresa began coaching after her own spiritual journey of self-discovery through a battle with depression and anxiety stemming from a childhood of chaos, dysfunction and addiction. She believes in the power of mindset shifts and creating daily rituals that have massive impact on your life. And, before you make assumptions, these rituals aren't what you might be imagining. Take a listen to find out what they're talking about, and how you can create your own rituals to help you live a healthier, fuller life. 

Speaking of fuller life and big girl panties.....

After this episode was recorded, Amber read Theresa's book "Uncensored: A guide to putting on your big girl panties" and highly recommends it. It was an easy read, full of humor, some sarcasm, journal prompts, and some great tips that you can start using to get your health and life back on track. 

If after listening, if you're interested in getting a copy you can purchase one HERE. 

Visit her website at

Connect with Theresa on Social Media: Instagram & Facebook 

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The Mother Wound with Amber Cook

The Mother Wound with Amber Cook

September 23, 2021

In this solo episode, Amber talks about her Mother Wound and how it's had an impact on her life; along with a description of the "Sandbox" photo posted to her Instagram and Facebook pages recently. 

She shares ways to identify your Mother Wounds and most importantly, ways to heal those wounds so you can life a healthy, full, successful life. 

At the end, you'll get a glimpse into Season three, coming out in November 2021. 

Stay connected to Amber on social media or her website.




Letting Go with Chrissy Rapp

Letting Go with Chrissy Rapp

September 15, 2021

Chrissy Rapp has survived many challenges in her life which started at a very young age. Her mother had her at 14, leading her to be raised by her grandmother and a step (grandfather) who had his own mental health challenges. Chrissy grew up struggling with anxiety and addiction; which led her to eventually doing some time in prison - losing her kids and herself. 

But, in an unexpected turn of events, her time in prison not only healed her; it saved her. And, now she uses the tools and techniques that helped her on her healing journey to help others - specifically those who are or have been in jail themselves. 

This is a very inspirational story and one you need to share with anyone who is struggling with addiction or recovery. Chrissy is proof that anyone can heal with the right support and healing tools. 

Chrissy is open to anyone reaching out through her email


Perception Is Your Reality with Gael Wood

Perception Is Your Reality with Gael Wood

September 8, 2021

If you're looking for some advice to cope with the stress of juggling a family along with a career, this is the episode for you! 

Ambers guest, and colleague in the wellness industry, Gael Wood has learned a lot about this subject and is joining The Dragonfly Connection to share her wisdom. This episode was recorded at the end of the school year so that little part of the conversation is a outdated, but the rest is totally relevant no matter where you are in life....and this pandemic. 

Seven years ago Gael started a journey to makeover her life! She said she was burned out, in debt, unwell, and needed to find another way before she ended up sicker or even divorced. Today, she lives in her dream house, has location and time freedom, does the work she loves, and feels amazing. 

She started out her career life as a housekeeper, then became an overworked massage therapist. But, she kept trying new things and taking chances and now she is a successful entrepreneur...helping others live there most fulfilling lives and careers. 

She's been on the cover of a well known Massage Magazine, inducted into the World Massage Hall of Fame, and worked with entrepreneurs from all over the world. Most recently she has published two self-improvement books - "The Gratitude Habit" and "Designing Your Dream Life". 

Connect with Gael on social media or shoot her an email at

A Moment In Time with Constance Ao

A Moment In Time with Constance Ao

September 1, 2021

"It's just a moment in time and it will pass."

Don't let the title fool you, today's episode is a little lighter than the last couple. Ambers friend and colleague, Constance Ao, chat about self-love, relationship challenges, soul mates and life on the road. 

When the pandemic hit, Constance Ao and her husband did what many of us have done and continue to do during this time....reevaluate our lives and careers. They, along with their daughter Anastasia, bought an RV and took to the road for adventure and peace from all the chaos happening around them. 

And, as you can imagine living in an RV with a family comes with it's own challenges. This episode was recorded in May of 2021, and in that time, Constance's life has changed even more....and in ways totally unexpected. Follow her on Facebook to find out more. 

Constance's unconventional love story and words of wisdom are sure to warm your heart. 


Are you looking for a relationship like the one Constance and I talked about during our chat? Well, Constance may be able to help!

Constance Ao, is a psychic, healer, helper and relationship coach. She works with women who are seeking to heal their hearts and wounds so they can connect deeper into self love and then eventually their soulmate. 

Is this you?...or someone you care about? Find out more at or find her on Instagram and Facebook

Thriving In The Midst Of Adversity with Tracie Root

Thriving In The Midst Of Adversity with Tracie Root

August 25, 2021

Ambers guest, Tracie Root, is a coach, a speaker, an educator, and founder of Gather -  a community building space located in Santa Cruz...and now also online to serve everyone no matter where there at in the world. 

Her story is one of loss, love, rebuilding, courage and finding ways to thrive in the midst of all kinds of adversity. 

Tracie ended her career in corporate America and found her new calling after her partner of almost 20 years passed away. Tracie and her two toddlers were left with no family nearby, a house “underwater” from the housing crisis of 2008, and she just couldn’t see how anything was going to change.

Then, years later, through an unexpected avenue, she was able to find her way back to her former step at a time. She shifted her career to one of helping others at a deeper level while making more time for her own fulfillment, adventure, and joy.

In this conversation she and Amber chat about wellness, goal-setting, entrepreneurship, overcoming tragedy and loss, and of course; this last 18 months of pandemic life. 

This episode was recorded in May, and unfortunately, now at the end of August, not much has changed...except kids are going back to school in most areas. But, otherwise, we're still in a place of confusion and uncertainty. 

Hope this episode helps inspire you and bring you hope. Because, we will get through this; and if we let this challenging time strengthen and change us, we'll be better for it.

Like Tracie says, "everything that happens in life is so we can be ready for what's next".  

You can connect with Tracie by email at

Reclaiming Your Life with Alison Pena

Reclaiming Your Life with Alison Pena

August 18, 2021

This episodes guest, Alison Pena, calls herself The Bad Widow and in her conversation with Amber she dropped tons of wisdom about grief, healing, self-care, resilience and even dating. She even shares an original poem she wrote about her experience with online dating! For anyone who's done the online dating thing, or planning to (or not planning to)'s very relatable. 

Alison says that the time from her husbands cancer diagnosis, through the progression of his illness which ended in his death; was "the most heartbreaking and transformational time" of her life. 

And, right now, many of us are going through our own heartbreaking and  transformational times of our lives. We may not all be dealing with the death of a loved one, but there's a collective grief running rampant right the world. Because of that, you're gonna get a ton of value from this episode. 

Her three step approach to reclaiming your life after loss is straightforward and very uncomplicated. When you're ready, give it a try! Contact Alison if you need some help at

And, stick around all the way to the end to hear about her first book, which will be available September 20, 2021! Pre-order HERE

6 Month Compilation Celebration with The Top 10

6 Month Compilation Celebration with The Top 10

August 4, 2021

Help us celebrate six months of weekly podcast episodes full of inspirational content on The Dragonfly Connection with a compilation of clips from the top 10 most popular podcast episodes hosted by Amber.

This episode includes five clips from The Dragonfly Connection episodes and five from The Holistic Healing Connection (discontinued in 2020, but still available under "The Dragonfly Connection"). 

Here are direct links to the full episodes (in no particular order). 

The Light of Awareness with Susan De Lorenzo

The Light of Awareness with Susan De Lorenzo

July 28, 2021

Ambers guest, Susan De Lorenzo says, "You live you life by either design or default". And, there's a lot of truth in that! 

In this episode we start out talking about Susan's "dark night of the soul"...or dark nights; and how she used hers to help her live a more joy filled, authentic life.

You can do the same whether you're in your dark night or already through it even!

Susan is an Author, Speaker and Certified Transformational Life Coach who focuses on helping other women who are emerging from life-altering adversities themselves and guides them to evaluate the insights and wisdom that such times hold (like living through a global pandemic). 

In this conversation you'll hear about how after a year of fighting and surviving invasive breast cancer, Susan was dealt another life altering blow when her husband at the time, told her he wanted to leave the marriage. Then she shares some of the wisdom she's gathered through this experience, along with a little bit about some other personal challenges she's overcome...with advice on how you can overcome your own challenges, big or small...and get in the drivers seat of your life. 

Shoot Susan an email at so you can stay connected to her and get notified about the release of her upcoming book, "Pulling the Gems from Adversity". 

Live Out Loud with Heather Phillips

Live Out Loud with Heather Phillips

July 21, 2021

"The stories we can tell ourselves are way worse than what's actually happening..."

Heather Phillips is a long time friend of Ambers. They're friendship blossomed through shared struggle starting almost 10 years ago...and lasting up until just a couple years ago. They endured major momma heartache together on an almost daily basis, while watching their two teenage sons go down some very bad paths together...and separately. During that time, they learned a lot about each other and themselves as mothers and helpers. 

Heather is recently an empty nester trying to figure out her own "new normal". In this episode you get to listen in on them picking up where they left off before everything was shut down in March of 2020. Heather was the last person Amber had a coffee date with before all our lives changed in an instant. 

Over this last 18 months, like many of us, Heather has made some huge changes in her life...with weight loss surgery top of the list. She has struggled with her weight most of her life, but in spite of her size, she continued to pursue her love of fitness. She even created a platform for showing bigger bodies that they belong in the fitness world! Heather has been an inspiration to Amber and so many others over the years...even when she wasn't feeling inspiring.

In fact, in this episode you'll learn a little bit about her mental health challenges and how she's working to overcome them. And, now she says, she does truly love herself...and her life. 

Can you say that about you and your life? 

After listening, we highly recommend you follow Heather on Instagram @fitnessinthebigworld. 

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