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Cosmic Connection

May 25, 2022

Ash Marshall-Odell says, "Living life is a spiritual experience." 

Spirituality is a very important part of our healing journey and Amber felt that this episode was the perfect one to help wrap up Mental Health Awareness Month for us. Please share with someone who needs to hear it...not just in May, but anytime.  

Ash is a spiritual teacher & mentor, healer, empath, psychic medium, certified personal coach, Light Worker, Reiki master & teacher, and author of the book, Light Bound: A Healer’s Journey through Trauma, C PTSD, and Anxiety, and now most recently the host of her own podcast, the "Attune to You" podcast. 

In this episode she and Amber are chatting about spirituality, healing journeys, energy, and the infinite possibilities within and around each of us....or cosmic connections. Ash shares a plethora of self-help tools that can help you tune more deeply into yourself for developing more ease, clarity, capability, and insight. Most are free and many are low cost. They're tools available to all of us. 

When you're done listening check out Ash's podcast. 

You can also connect with Ash on her website and purchase a copy of her book. All those links are below.

Attune to You Podcast on Apple Podcasts or search for it on Spotify and Google too! 

Visit her website for resources and a to purchase her book

If you'd like to connect more intimately with Ash, Amber and other podcast guests join us on Facebook in The Dragonfly Connection Community group. 

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