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Dragon Initiation - The Contrast Between Conventional and Holistic Healthcare

May 3, 2019
Join Amber and Vanessa Couto as they discuss healthcare, sciatic pain, herniated discs and astrology...yes astrology! 
Vanessa is a kick-ass astrologer, teacher and coach; she is also seriously curious about all aspects of life-including healthcare. 
Recently Vanessa went through an injury that took her away from helping others due to severe back and sciatic nerve pain. During what she calls the "dragon initiation" Vanessa experienced the stark contrast between conventional/western medicine and holistic/alternative medicine. 
I'm sure you can guess which one she prefers!
In this conversation you'll hear about her experience through a herniated disc and sciatic pain- plus a little about astrology as a guide for life and business. 
Why astrology too? 
Vanessa is an archetypal astrologer, artist, and teacher. She believes; through the help of Astrology-we can create a business and life that are aligned with our gifts, that's meaningful and purpose-driven. 
If you want to learn more about Vanessa check her out at VanessaCouto.com or on social media: 
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